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Survey data from 500+ organizations and candidates  

Ways to create a selection process that candidates prefer AND increase quality of hire 

Key benefits and outcomes of structured interviews 

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Fast, Fair, and Functional: 

A New Look at Structured Interviews

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The 15 skills employees will need to possess by 2025, as established by the World Economic Forum (WEF)

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About the Report

Structured interviews can be a polarizing topic. 

Some organizations swear by them, while others swear never to use them.

Criteria, in partnership with Lighthouse Research & Advisory, wanted to get straight to the heart of the question and ask the organizations (and the candidates) what they really think about structured interviews.

This report shares the powerful findings from a survey of 519 different organizations and 500 candidate respondents. 

The results uncover several surprising data points about structured interviews and bust some of the biggest myths that hiring professionals hold.

At the heart of the data, employers find that structured interviews help them make faster, fairer hiring decisions in a functional and effective way, all while building a process that candidates actually prefer.

Key Findings: 

  1. 2 in 3 employers say that structured interviews lead to better hiring decisions overall.
  2. 4 out of 5 employers believe structured interviews have a neutral or positive impact on candidate experience.
  3. 86% of talent leaders believe that structured interviews help reduce bias.
  4. 7 in 10 candidates prefer a set of structured questions that don't change from candidate to candidate.

Successful structured interview practices aren’t just about designing on the front end or running a successful interview agenda—they are about making sure that the evaluation and selection of candidates is done in a fair, objective, and repeatable way.

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